With a VIP Dental Assistant Training School, You will Experience Measurable Success and Dramatic Increases in Income

Supplement your income while your practice is normally closed!

We’ve done the hard part.

You might be wondering if earning more income from your dental practice, quick and easy, is too good to be true. It’s easy to imagine that operating a dental assistant training program requires a lot of time, which is a valuable commodity for today’s busy dentist. We’d like the opportunity to prove to you that reality shows otherwise. The fact is Dr. Stanfield and her husband have spent significantly less time at the office since they began their VIP Dental Training classes. More of their time has been spent enjoying life and giving back to their community…all by following a formula that they’re now ready to share with you.

VIP Dental Assistant Training Schools

Over the past five years, Dr. Jacquelyn Stanfield and her husband Michael Douglass have operated a successful dental assistant training school––a school that has attracted and trained over 300 students from across North Texas and beyond. With a proven track record of measurable success, and dramatic increases in income, the couple has decided to offer this tremendous opportunity to other dental practices across the United States.

VIP Dental Training’s step-by-step program––developed and fine-tuned over the past five years––takes all the stress and guesswork out of running your own dental training school. We provide a custom designed curriculum to our partners. Our structured program, coupled with internet marketing support, allows you to spend as much or little time as you wish to invest, all the while earning a significant supplemental income… while your practice is normally closed.

“Ever since Mike and I started our VIP Dental Training Program, we have had more free time to do things we love to do, and stopped worrying about money or our retirement.”

Dr. Jacquelyn Stanfield
VIP Dental – Flower Mound, TX

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