Dental Assistant Certification in Austin, Texas in just 11 short weeks?

Supplement your income while your practice is normally closed!

Is it possible to become a certified dental assistant in Austin, Texas in only 11 short weeks?

It can be done at VIP!

VIP Private Dental Assistant Training in Round Rock gets students on their way to a new career in dental assisting in just eleven shorts weeks, two days per week! VIP’s innovative curriculum covers all key skills required for an entry-level Dental Assistant position. These skills are then reinforced by hands-on labs at the offices of the Round Rock Dental Group.

According to the site, the population growth forecast through 2019 is set to grow at a blistering 5.34 percent pace. Since 2010, Texas ranks as the third fastest growing state in the USA and first among large states. Over the course of 2016, the Lone Star State added almost 1,200 new residents…per day.

And if you think Texas’s population is impressive, Austin’s growth is astonishing. According to the most recent Census Bureau figures, the Austin metro area’s population soared 19 percent from 2010 to 2016, adding nearly 330,000 new residents. That’s like adding an entire city the size of Corpus Christi into the population equation.

What does this mean for the dental industry? Population growth means opportunity. As new people move in, the influx carves new space for general practitioners and specialists, building on an already strong base of business. With over 300 dentist offices and counting in or near Austin / Round Rock, demand for certified dental assistants will only continue to grow.

Round Rock’s private dental assistant training school is conveniently located for students in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Jollyville, and Pflugerville, Texas.

VIP Dental Assistant Certification Training in the Austin, Texas area.

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