A Short Dental Assistant Program Opens Big Opportunities in Maine

Supplement your income while your practice is normally closed!

Yarmouth Dental’s Dr. Brian Boynton has practiced dentistry for 21 years in the great State of Maine. While raising his family he worked diligently at keeping up with his dental education by traveling all over the country to study with the best-known educators from the Pankey Institute to the Spear Group and everything in between.

Wanting to help educate the next generation of dental practitioners, he worked with VIP to open VIP Dental Assistant Training of Maine. Through his efforts, residents throughout the state of Maine now have access to innovative training that can launch an exciting entry-level career in dental assisting in just eleven short weeks.

Dr. Boynton’s school couldn’t have opened at a more opportune time. According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau estimate, Maine’s population has grown year over year for the first time in several years. With 1,331,479 people now calling Maine home, the state has seen a total population increase of more than 4 percent since the 2000 Census. Regardless of whether a person is a new resident or old, preventative care is a key component of long-term dental health…and dental assistants play a key role in patient care.

VIP Dental Assistant Training of Maine trains students throughout the state of Maine.

VIP Dental Assistant Program in Maine Provides Big Opportunities for Students Looking to Enter the Dental Industry

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