VIP – The Complete Dental Assistant Training Program

Supplement your income while your practice is normally closed!

Why partner with VIP?

Simply put, we provide just about everything you need to run a successful and lucrative Dental Assistant Training School. All you add is your desire to succeed… and use of your office after hours! All areas of Dental Assisting required for the State Board certifications are covered so that students are fully prepared to meet registration requirements in most states.

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“Ever since Mike and I started our VIP Dental Training Program, we have had more free time to do things we love to do, and stopped worrying about money or our retirement.”

Dr. Jacquelyn Stanfield
VIP Dental – Flower Mound, TX

Let's talk money...

With just 20 students per class @ $3,800 tuition each, your class revenue for an 11-week (11-Saturdays) period is $76,000.

We recommend a total of four 11-week (Saturdays) classes per year with one week off between each session plus additional time off for holidays. Following this formula, your earning potential for 4 classes of twenty students each is $304,000 a year — on top of whatever you’re making from your normal practice production.

What are you waiting for? It’s a no brainer. Reserve your territory today!

Set up your own dental assistant training program to increase your dental practice profits!

Proven, Time-Tested, Easy

  • Our turn-key program is proven and time tested, and above all else, successful at making significant money.
  • Our Dental Assistant Curriculum lasts 11 Saturdays (any day or multiple days), as opposed to 9 to 11 months for equivalent college courses, making VIP a far more attractive choice for students.
  • With VIP, each school receives a protected territory, which allows you a large population pool to help fill your classes.
  • The all-inclusive curriculum includes very easy-to-follow hyperlinked classroom instructor materials, PowerPoint presentations, tests, lab assignments and graphics, and a comprehensive grading system that tracks your students’ progress.