Territories Are Available!

Supplement your income while your practice is normally closed!

Dental Assistant Training ProgramĀ Territories Available!

At VIP, we have spent years perfecting a turnkey dental assistant training program designed to produce happy, successful Dental Assistants and make extra money for the practice while it is normally closed. We’ve done the hard work… and we’re now ready to share our hard-earned experience and processes with dentists across the country.

Remember, there is a tremendous amount of money to be earned by taking advantage of VIP Dental Training Center’s turnkey program. In some cases, the money that can be generated from VIP Dental Assistant Training Schools can meet or even exceed the production a dentist can earn from their dental practice.

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Current Dental Assistant Training Center Locations

      “Ever since Mike and I started our VIP Dental Training Program, we have had more free time to do things we love to do, and stopped worrying about money or our retirement.”

      Dr. Jacquelyn Stanfield
      VIP Dental – Flower Mound, TX