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How do I start a dental assistant training school?   Everything You Need to Know

Do I have to have a license from the state to open a school?

Yes.  You must be licensed by the state in which you operate, and the cost for State licensing is not covered by your VIP Curriculum license purchase.  The cost for licensing varies by state and by such factors as how many instructors are to be registered.

How long does it take to set up my VIP Training Center?

Licensing with the state is the most time consuming factor involved with setting up your school.   It is variable by state.  Unfortunately VIP cannot be involved with the state licensing process.  Each state has their own requirements. We can recommend a licensing service if desired.

How involved do I, the dentist, have to be to run a successful school?

The dentist will make the practice available for the school facility.  In many cases the school day to day operation will not require the dentist’s participation.  The school usually will have a Director that has been approved by the state.  The state may require certain qualifying factors, which dentists easily meet and thus are readily approved.  Obviously each state will have their own unique requirements.  The school can be totally run by qualified Hygienists or Dental Assistants who, as instructors, handle most administration as well as conduct the lectures and labs.

What is the cost of the VIP course content license?

When you contact VIP Training Resources with the inquiry for territory availability, you will include your Email address which will enable VIP to send you links to further information including the Financials.

How do I get students?

The most effective means of advertising your school is the Internet.  Facebook is very effective.  You will probably want to have your school’s Facebook site for advertising and student interaction online.  This is a great place to attract students.  Other means of advertising may include Newspapers, Dental sites on the internet, Radio, High School counselors, and career days, etc.

I have a small office. How much room do I have to have to do this?

Your school will require a lecture room and seating with a projector (preferably ceiling mounted), a pull down screen (or a large flat panel TV) and a lectern for an instructor.  Twenty students will require approximately 34’ X 12’, or 408 square feet. If your facility cannot accommodate this many students you may opt to reduce class size or look into renting a lecture location convenient to your practice.  Labs will require an operatory space for every 5 students max.  Four operatories are recommended for your school to accommodate 20 students.

What type of lab equipment do I need to purchase for my training center? Are there any other outside costs I should know about?

For the most part, the equipment required for the labs is already available in the dental practice. If your office is strictly digital, it is recommended that you consider an X-ray film processor. Five students per instructor is a comfortable ratio for very effective lab work.  Thus, the more operatories, the better. A data projector and screen (or a large flat panel TV) with internet connectivity, are required.  There will be ongoing materials and some general dentistry instrument costs (depending upon what’s already available).   All other costs are incidentals such as printing and copying labs and test handouts, etc.  Please include your Email address with your territory inquiry to VIP.  We will Email you links to further explain equipment recommendations.

I only plan on doing one or two classes per year (for now).  Is that cost effective?

Probably not cost effective.  Your costs will be substantial for school equipment, Instructor salaries, materials, computers and projectors, etc.  4 classes per year will produce an excellent revenue flow to have a significant profit.  Less than 4 classes per year may diminish the school’s profitability too much.

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